My Verizon.


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Building a better version of America’s best network.

Verizon helped create a world where every service imaginable is right there, on demand. Every service, that is, except the network.

My Verizon was completely rebuilt from the ground up to streamline the business, and simplify the entire end-to-end experience - giving 113 million customers more control, with less work.

Data overages are now obsolete.

The Data Hub gives customers complete control over buying, saving and managing their data - everywhere from byte-sized gifts, to unlimited sessions by the hour.

Waiting on hold is a thing of the past.

An AI-powered customer support system lets customers get the help they need, as simply as texting a friend.

Be first in line. Without the line.

The new store turns every shopping experience into a rich conversation, giving customers a personal shopper experience, in their pocket.

  • “Makes me the 'boss' of my account.”

  • “ parents can see it was really my sister that used all the data... cause they usually blame me.”

  • “This app puts everything you need right at your fingertips...”


Customer usage of the app increased over 50% since launch.

Sales conversions went up 15.6X from the old app.

My Verizon currently supports 1 million daily active users.

Available for iOS and Android.

apple app store google play